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Impedance Audiometry Services

Impedance Audiometry is a vital diagnostic test used to assess the function of the middle ear and identify various conditions that may affect hearing.

At Ashoka Hearing Clinic, we offer expert Impedance Audiometry services to evaluate the health and functionality of your middle ear accurately.

What is Impedance Audiometry?

Impedance Audiometry, also known as tympanometry, measures the movement of the eardrum and the function of the middle ear.

During the test, a soft probe is inserted into the ear canal, and air pressure variations are introduced. This allows our audiologists to assess how well the middle ear structures, including the eardrum and ossicles, respond to changes in pressure.

main purpose of impedance audiometry

The main purpose of impedance audiometry, also known as tympanometry, is to assess the functioning of the middle ear. This diagnostic test measures the movement of the tympanic membrane (eardrum) in response to changes in air pressure.

Here are the key objectives of impedance audiometry:

Why Choose Ashoka Hearing Clinic for Impedance Audiometry?

Our audiologists are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in conducting Impedance Audiometry tests. They will guide you through the process with care and expertise, ensuring accurate results.

We utilize advanced impedance audiometry equipment to perform precise measurements of middle ear function, ensuring reliable outcomes.

Our Impedance Audiometry tests provide valuable insights into the health and functionality of your middle ear, allowing us to identify various conditions such as otitis media, eustachian tube dysfunction, and more.

At Ashoka Hearing Clinic, we believe in personalized care tailored to your unique needs. We take the time to understand your concerns and provide individualized recommendations based on your test results.

Beyond conducting Impedance Audiometry tests, we offer a range of additional services to support your hearing health journey, including hearing aid fittings, counseling, and rehabilitation programs.

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