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At Ashoka Hearing Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional care for all your hearing needs. As part of our commitment to excellence, we are pleased to offer the following specialized services:


BERA (Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry)

BERA, also known as auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing, is a sophisticated diagnostic tool used to assess the function of the auditory nerve and brainstem pathways.

This non-invasive test is particularly useful in diagnosing hearing loss, especially in infants and young children who may not be able to participate in traditional hearing assessments.

BERA Testing helps us identify the underlying cause of hearing loss and formulate tailored treatment strategies.

OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions)

OAE testing is a quick and painless procedure used to evaluate the function of the inner ear, specifically the cochlea.

During the test, a small probe is placed in the ear canal, where it emits sounds and measures the resulting echoes produced by the cochlea’s hair cells.

OAE testing is commonly used to screen for hearing loss in newborns, as well as to monitor the function of the cochlea in individuals of all ages.

OAE testing is quick, convenient, and requires minimal cooperation from the patient, making it an ideal option for individuals of all ages, including infants and young children.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is a specialized treatment aimed at improving communication skills and addressing speech, language, and swallowing disorders.

At Ashoka Hearing Clinic, we specialize in empowering communication through our comprehensive Speech Therapy services. Our expert therapists are dedicated to helping individuals of all ages overcome speech and language challenges. Whether it’s articulation disorders, stuttering, voice disorders, or language delays, we provide personalized therapy plans tailored to each client’s unique needs. Let us help you or your loved ones unlock the power of speech and enhance quality of life.

Our therapists utilize various techniques to enhance speech clarity, language comprehension, and overall communication abilities, empowering individuals to express themselves confidently and effectively.

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